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1 May 2021

In lieu of what should have been our second festival, and within covid safe guidelines and restrictions, Colchester Fringe Festival took over shop windows across the town on May Day 2021, showcasing mix of magic, dance, music, drag queens and merriment. 

We took over Culver Square and The Secret Garden on Lion Walk for a day of fun fulled performances for all to enjoy in a safe manner. Funded by Arts Council England, this project looked to celebrate the emergence of Colchester from the COVID pandemic with vibrant, participatory fringe arts that bring people together, catch them by surprise and share good spirit. We re-framed public spaces in the town as sites of communal joy, all whilst protecting participants and audiences by working in a safe manner.

This project also was the beginning of our Young Critics programme, where reviewers aged between nine and 17, who, following an online workshop, reviewed the performances and the day itself, under the mentorship and guidance of Dr Paul T Davies, awarded the esteemed 'Jumbo ratings', named after Colchester's Jumbo Water Tower and it's history as a Roman town. 

Colchester Fringe May Day Shop window takeover: News
Colchester Fringe: Mayday Shop Window Takeover 2021
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