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In development

Sweet, Bloody Mary! A revenge musical (SBM) is a new British musical about the legacy of trauma, the cost of revenge and finding your true voice in the face of oppressive patriarchal adversity.

Inspired by the cult movie ‘Teeth’ (2007), a story of revenge following a sexual assault, writer and director James Baker has undertaken 10 years of development on this new musical about communities, our response to sexual assault and violence, and feminism and the oppression of women.

The show promotes cultural and social change, the empowerment of women and how we can challenge sexual violence. 

The current creative team includes James Baker (Book and Story, Lyrics, Director), Austin Fitzsimmons (Music and Lyrics) and Lucy Burke (Additional Material and Mary’s Lyrics), with Ellen Burgin joining the team as Creative and Development Producer in late 2021.

You’ll have never seen anything like this highly original British musical oozing with magic realism. The show channels the energies of cult and B movie culture, and cult musicals (like Little Shop of Horrors, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Reefer Madness), pop music inspirations (like Cardi B, Beyonce, Lizzo) mashed up with folk music and traditional English folk storytelling and song, performed by actor musos, and WandaVision-eqsue plot twists and reveals.

This is a new British musical that fearlessly challenges trauma, sensitively engages topics of sexual assault, and transports you to another world not so distant, or unfamiliar, to our own.

The show is currently in development and rewrites, ahead of a workshop and development period in late 2022, with plans for its first professional staging from early 2023 onwards.

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